Storm Water Quality


Yard and lawn care activities can have harmful effects on our island’s waters when irrigation or rain water carries pollutants such as grass clippings, tree branches, leaves, dirt, and fertilizers into the storm drain system.


The links below explain Best Management Practices (BMPs) which are simple and effective ways to prevent storm water pollution when conducting landscaping activities.

Healthy Yard Care program webpage

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) webpage

Landscape Maintenance BMPs Brochure (English | Ilocano | Samoan | Tagalog | Tongan)

Pesticides and Fertilizers BMPs Tip Card

Yard Waste BMPs Tip Card

Sediment BMPs Tip Card

Ilocano Radio Spot

The City created an Ilocano radio campaign to share out the importance of not blowing yard wastes down the storm drains. It uses an Ilocano folk song (Pamulinawen) with storm water message lyrics.

Click here to hear the radio spot

Click here to play the complete song

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