Storm Water Quality


The City advises businesses on best management practices (BMPs) they can implement to reduce the impacts their everyday activities may have on storm water quality. Programs and resources for specific business sectors and industries are provided via the individual page links below.


Learn about cleaning practices that do not use water, how to dipsose of vehicle cleaning wash water.

Property Maintenance

Check out the Property Maintenance Toolkit for Storm Water Compliance to used best management practices for activities such as landscaping, painting, and dumpster maintenance. View the videos on pressure washing practices.


Learn about pressure washing practices, find link to information on managing fats, oil and grease (FOG), and a toolkit for property maintenance for storm water compliance.


Landscaping activities can impact storm water. Learn about ways to keep fertilizers, pesticides, leaves, and grass clippings out of the storm drain system and from polluting our waters.

Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Learn how to prepare a Best Management Practices Plan for your business to reduce pollutants going into the storm drain system. Instructions, forms and examples are provided.

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