Storm Water Quality

Storm Water Strategic Plan

The City and County of Honolulu Storm Water Quality Division recently published its first-ever Storm Water Strategic Plan (2023-2028).

The idea to formalize the Storm Water Program’s vision originated during the 2019 outreach process for the proposed Storm Water Utility Fee. At nearly every one of the island-wide community meetings attendees asked “what’s the plan?”

An extensive public input process in 2021 provided important direction on community needs and wants regarding storm water management. Storm Water Program staff provided additional input to shape the overall direction of the Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan features an extensive Conditions, Trends and Opportunities section which provides context for the Plan on both local and national levels. This section explores the topics of geography, climate, economics, workforce, social vulnerability and equity, water policy, and storm water management technology.

Every five years the Strategic Plan will be updated as part of the adaptive management process already in use by the Storm Water Program.

Storm Water Strategic Plan 2023-2028 Cover

The new Strategic Plan guides the Storm Water Program with a long-term vision and mission for the next 50 years and a set of short-term goals and strategies.
Download the Storm Water Strategic Plan.

SWQ Long Term Goals

The document defines the program’s vision and mission and outlines eight long-term program goals with corresponding strategies and measures.

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