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Replacing Plates or Emblems

If your license plates or emblem are lost, mutilated or stolen, you must get a replacement. This is an Express Window service, no appointment required, at all satellite city halls on Oahu.

Please follow these steps to obtain a replacement license plate or license plate emblem:

      • Report the loss or theft to the Honolulu Police Department.
      • Download, print and complete form CSL(MVR)3 that must be signed by the vehicle’s registered owner.
      • Submit completed form and the current Certificate of Registration to the satellite city hall.
      • If appropriate, also return the remaining plate if only one license plate was lost or stolen.

Replacement fees:

      • Emblem replacement fee – $0.50 (50 cents)
      • Motor vehicle license plates replacement fee – $5.00

Returning a License Plate

To return a license plate after moving out of state, simply mail it to us with a brief note explaining that the vehicle is registered in another state. The City and County of Honolulu will then destroy the plate. While there is no penalty for not returning the plate, a Hawaii license plate is state property. Here’s our mailing address:

Division of Motor Vehicles, Licensing and Permits
P.O. Box 30330
Honolulu, HI 96820-0330

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