Department of Customer Services


Feral chicken nuisances are among the top sources of complaints within the City and County of Honolulu.

The Department of Customer Services is addressing nuisance issues created by feral chickens in our community by helping to bring new attention, needed resources and a strong policy voice to the persistent concern.

Feral chickens create nuisances by foraging in residential areas, crowing at inconvenient hours, posing health concerns with their waste and agitating household pets. More roaming chickens mean more nuisances. Oahu residents can help manage the nuisance by not feeding feral chickens and reducing the feral chicken population in their community.


The responsibility for responding to feral chicken problems varies with the location of the animals and the property ownership.

Whom to call to deal with feral chicken and poultry nuisances depends on the ownership of the property.

Contact Department of Customer Services to report issues on city property such as parks, building areas and other local government property:

• Email: or call (808) 768-4381.
• Go to the Honolulu 311 webpage at or download the HNL311 app to file a report.

Each state department is responsible for the cleanliness of its own properties and to abate any nuisances.

Contact the state agency responsible for the property, such as the Department of Education for public schools and Department of Land and Natural Resources for state parks. For a list of departments and agencies, go to

Go to the Department of Planning and Permitting GIS webpage to
locate the property and determine ownership.

• Private property owners on Oahu stand to benefit from the latest efforts to help control a growing feral chicken population in the City and County of Honolulu.

• Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has been contracted to provide a cage and disposal service to help humanely rid private properties of feral chickens.

• The city will fund a portion of the cost to private-property owners to catch and dispose of feral chickens that are creating nuisances in communities across Oahu.

• Private property owners of all types will work directly with Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

• For more information on the service, visit, or call (808) 456-7716.

Call Honolulu Police Department (911 non-emergency line) to report feral chicken noise nuisance or excessive poultry (more than two poultry per household).

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