Department of Customer Services

Fee Table

Abandoned Vehicles Auction Saledetermined by auction
Auctioneer$ 100 annual license fee
Bicycle License
     Duplicate Registration$ 5
     Duplicate Tag$ 2
     Permanent Registration$ 15
     Transfer$ 5
     Transfer Penalty$ 10
Dealer Correction$ 10 for each instance correction of registration record
Dealers in New Motor Vehicles - Permanent Number Plate$ 30
Dealers in New Motor Vehicles - Temporary Plate$ 40 / pack of 100
Electronic Gun - Permit to Sell$ 50 annual fee
Firearms - Permit to Sell$ 10 annual fee
Freight Curb Load Zone Decal$ 1 per decal
Freight Curb Load Zone Permit$ 24 annual fee
Glass Recycler$ 100 annual license fee
Hawaii State Commercial Driver's License
     Permit Application$ 30
     General Knowledge Test$ 15
     Special Knowledge Test$ 5
     Oral Test$ 15
     Skills Test$ 50
     Schedule an appointment for Skills Test in advance.
     Only drivers with prepaid appointments and proof of payment will be
allowed to test.
     If an applicant misses an appointment, he or she forfeits the prepaid fee.
     New License or Renewal$ 5 per year or fraction thereof
          Duplicate$ 15
          Reinstatement$ 20
Hawaii State Driver's License
     Road Test$ 8
     Written Test$ 2
     Oral Test (Available at Kapalama Driver Licensing Center)$ 10
     Instruction Permit$ 5
          Renewal$ 5
          Duplicate (to Replace Lost, Stolen or Damaged)$ 6
     Provisional License (ages 16 through 18)$ 5 per year or fraction thereof
          Duplicate (to Replace Lost, Stolen or Damaged)$ 6
     Driver's License
          2 - Years (Age 72 and Older)$ 10
          4 - Years (Ages 17 through 24)$ 20
          4 - Years "Kupuna Driver's License"$ 20
               (If eligible, Ages 72 through 79)
          8 - Years (Ages 25 through 71)$ 40
          Duplicate (to Replace Lost, Stolen or Damaged)$ 6
          Reactivation (Renewing After 90-Day Grace Period)$ 5 per 30-day period
          Reinstatement$ 20
          Non-US Citizen required USCIS verification$ 1
Hawaii State Identification Card
     1 to 7 - Years (legal presence limited terms)$ 5 per year or fraction thereof
     8 - Years$ 40
     Duplicate (to replace lost, stolen, or damaged)$ 6
Highway Beautification (Other Related Activities)
     U-Drive Motor Vehicles$ 1 per certificate of registration
     Other than U-Drive Motor Vehicles$ 7 per certificate of registration
Moped Registration
     Initial Registration$ 32.50
     Annual Registration$ 27.50
     Duplicate Registration$ 5
     Duplicate (replacement) Emblem$ 2
     Ownership Transfer$ 5
     Penalty for not transferring within 30 days$ 10  
     in addition to the transfer fee
Motor Vehicle Emblem$ 0.50 emblem fee
     Replacement$ 0.50 replacement fee
Motor Vehicle Out-of-State Permit$ 5
Motor Vehicle Ownership Title Transfer (Certificate of Title)$ 10
     Penalty for not transferring within 30 days$ 50 
     in addition to the transfer fee
     Duplicate title$ 10
Motor Vehicle Plate
     Annual$ 5 annual plate fee
     Replacement$ 5 replacement fee
Motor Vehicle Plate - Antique$ 10
Motor Vehicle Plate Transfer Fee$ 5
Motor Vehicle Registration
     Annual$ 20 annual standard processing fee
     annual fees based on the vehicle weight and usage.
     please click HERE to calculate the fees.
     Duplicate$ Free
     Penalty - Passenger$ 16
     (for failure to renew by expiration date)     $ 8 county weight tax penalty and $ 8 state weight tax penalty
     Penalty - Commercial$ 40
    (for failure to renew by expiration date)     $ 20 county weight tax penalty and $ 20 state weight tax penalty
Motor Vehicle Personalized Plates
     Initial Application$ 60 initial application fee
     Renewal$ 60 annual renewal fee
     Replacement$ 20 replacement fee
Motor Vehicle Specialty and Organization Plates
     Initial Application and License Plates$ 35.50 initial fee and plates
     Renewal$ 25 annual renewal fee
Newsstands$ 15 annual fee
Noxious Substances - Permit to Sell$ 25 annual license fee
Passenger Loading Zone Decal$ 1 per decal
Passenger Loading Zone Permit$ 24 annual fee
Pawnbroker$ 100 annual license fee
Peddler and Itinerant Vendor$ 27.50 annual fee
Pedicab Business License$ 26 annual fee
     Decal$ 2 annual fee
     Replacement$ 6 replacement fee
Pedicab Operator's Certificate$ 25
     Duplicate$ 2 for each duplicate
Pepper Spray - License to Sell$ 25 per place of business
Publication Dispensing Racks in Waikiki$ 50 non-refundable application fee per publication
     fee based on the city's cost to clean, maintain, and repair the publication dispensing rack enclosures.
     Until such time as the director establishes a new fee, the permit fee is $  444 per triennium for
     each publication dispensing rack space allocated for a publication.
Refuse Collector License$ 500 annual license fee
Scrap Dealers$ 100 annual license fee
Second-Hand Dealer$ 100 annual license fee
Service Fees for Dishonored Checks$ 25 fee
Spay-Neuter Certificate
     Female Cat$ 50 
     Male Cat$ 40 
     Female Dog$ 150 
     Male Dog$ 125 
     EBT/Kokua and Medicaid Cardholders$ 20
     Low-Income Households Receiving Housing Assistance
Tax Liens$ 5 fee for each entry
Taxicab Driver's Certificate$ 25
     Duplicate$ 10
Taxi Stand Permit$120 annual fee
Taxi Stand Decals$ 1 per decal
Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer$ 10 annual license fee
Wrecking, Salvaging, or Dismantling Motor Vehicles$ 10 annual license fee

Payments may be made by cash, check (drawn on U.S. Funds), money order, traveler’s or cashier’s check (returned checks incur $25 service fee).
We accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Credit Cards or Debit Cards. A service fee of 2.35%  will be added to the transaction amount.

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