Department of Customer Services


Selected videos produced by the Department of Customer Services Public Communications Division Information Branch.

Department of Customer Services –
Our Role in Your Life

City Records Management Program

DMV Now Kiosk
Registration Renewal

AlohaQ – Don’t Be Late

Satellite City Hall Driver’s License

Specialty License Plates

Front and Back License Plates

Passport Services

Feral Chicken Program

Personalized License Plates

While You Wait At Your
Driver’s License Appointment

AlohaQ Appointments

State ID for Incapacitated Persons

REAL ID Checklist

Road Test Checklist

Changing Your Name
On Your Driver’s License

Guidance for Completing
Vehicle Weight-Tax Form CS-L (MVR) 50

Guidance for Completing
Vehicle Weight-Tax Form CS-L (MVR) 50A

Out-of-State Vehicle
Registrations and Permits

Vehicle Ownership Transfer for Buyer

Vehicle Ownership Transfer for Seller

Motor Vehicle Registration
DMV Now Kiosk

Annual Vehicle Registration
for U.S. Military Members

REAL ID Driver’s License and State ID

Permanent Plastic
Driver’s License/State ID Card

Road Test Pre-Test Inspection

Road Test Tips

Junk Vehicle Program

Graduated Driver’s Licensing Program (GDL)

Satellite City Hall Passport Service

License Plate/Decal Program

Stand-by Service at Driver Licensing Centers
and Satellite City Halls

Historic Photo Collection

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