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For information and a downloadable application packet for the specific business license you are interested in, click on one of the links below.

(Additional links to downloadable application packets will be added as they become available.)

Business License Section welcomes visitors at:

Kapalama Driver Licensing Center
Window #17
925 Dillingham Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96817

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 8 a.m. to Noon
Phone:  (808) 768-9700

Information and Packets

Office of Economic Revitalization’s Oahu Business Connector

Application For Business Profession Occupation License CS-L(SS)30

Auctioneer – license to sell goods, wares, merchandise or other property to the highest bidder in an auction room, and requires an Auctioneer’s Bond.

E-GUN – license to sell, offer for sale, distribute or otherwise transfer an electric gun or cartridge.

Firearms – license to sell firearms, or to manufacture firearms for sale, in Hawaii at either the wholesale or retail level.

Garbage, Refuse – license to collect any refuse from any building or premises other than that person’s own building or premises.

Glass Recycler – license to wholly or partially engage in the business of recycling glass containers.

Pawn Broker – license to lend money at a legally specified rate of interest on articles of personal property left as security.

Peddler (Merchandise, Parade, Fee Exempt) – license to sell or offer for sale, rent or offer to rent, or display for sale or rent any goods, wares, merchandise, foodstuffs, or other kinds of property or services.

Pedicab – license to offer for hire a small, three-wheeled, pedal-operated passenger vehicle.

Pepper Spray – license to sell an aerosol irritant containing non-lethal, natural chemical ingredients, for use as a disabling, self-defense weapon.

Scrap Dealer, Fee Exempt – license to buy, sell, or deal in discarded metal for reprocessing (scrap), or to operate, carry on, conduct or maintain a scrap yard.

Secondhand Dealer – license to trade in secondhand or previously owned articles, including but not limited to precious or semiprecious gems or metals.

Tear Gas, Obnoxious Substance – license to sell an irritant device containing non-lethal, man-made compounds for use as a disabling weapon. This license requires police clearance.

Used Vehicle Parts – license to purchase or sell used motor vehicle parts or accessories.

Wrecking, Salvaging – license to wreck, salvage or dismantle motor vehicles to resell the parts or accessories, and/or to rebuild a wrecked or dismantled vehicle for resale.

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