Department of Community Services

Community Assistance Division

The Community Assistance Division provides housing programs to help low-income families on Oahu afford rents, maintain their owner-occupied units, and assist lower income families to achieve home ownership.

Qualifying low-income families are eligible for subsidized rent in a rental unit of their choice from a participating landlord. Click here to learn more. Application dates are announced in the daily newspaper, online and by the news media. Click here to learn more.

Qualifying low-income families are eligible for a $40,000 2nd mortgage loan with a 0% interest rate and a 20-year fixed payment term to help finance their home purchase. Click here to learn more.

Qualifying low- and moderate-income families are eligible for a home repair loan at 0% interest and a 20-year term. PLEASE NOTE:  The City Rehabilitation Loan Program is not suitable for emergency repairs and/or remodeling upgrades. Due to current Federal, State, and City regulations to obtain loan approval, such as State Historic Preservation approval for any renovation work, the total processing time for a loan application is at least a year or longer. After loan approval, a building permit must be obtained. Click here to learn more.

Now hiring:
Housing Assistance Specialist III (contract)
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College Student Aide I (contract, Town only)
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Senior Clerk Typist (contract)
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Clerk Typist (contract)
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While the Rental Assistance Branch offices in Kapolei Hale and 842 Bethel Street, as well as the Rehabilitation Loan Branch at 51 Merchant Street, remain open to the public, we ask that you continue to practice COVID safety when coming into our offices. Mask-wearing and social distancing is strongly encouraged.


Calendar of Events

Seminars for Renters and Owners


Tenants, Landlords, Families, Rental Packet

Plans & Rules

Public Housing Agency Plans, Administrative Plans & Rules

Title VI

Title VI (Civil Rights) Complaint Form

Section 8

Contact Section 8 Staff

Rehabilitation Loan

Contact Rehabilitation Loan Staff


Fraud/Compliance Information and Report Form


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Draft FYs 2025-29 Public Housing Agency (PHA) 5-Year Plan
Draft FY 2025 PHA  Annual Plan

City and County of Honolulu’s PHA plans are under review.  Please click on the links for further information.

Public Hearing Notice (Click Here)
Draft FYs 2025-29 PHA 5-Year Plan (Click Here) 
Draft FY25 PHA Annual Plan (Click Here)


Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children

Learn more about lead exposure in the home and the dangers to young children. Find out about ways to reduce the risk of harmful lead exposure, when you should get your children tested, and more.

  • Learn more about children and lead levels from US Department of Housing and Urban Development: (Click Here)
  • Protect your family from lead in your home: (Click Here)
  • Keep your Keiki lead-free: (Click Here)
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Language Access Plan

Department of Community Services is committed to a policy of non-discrimination in the delivery of programs, services, and activities to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) persons. We provide language access and compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Chapter 321C, Hawaii Revised Statutes, the City’s Administrative Directive 420, and all other applicable legal mandates and requirements. The primary goal of this policy is to communicate effectively with LEP individuals in languages other than English and provide meaningful language access to programs, services, and activities provided by the City and County of Honolulu. Click Here to view the plan.

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Low-Income Transit Pass Program

The City and County of Honolulu is accepting applications for its Low Income Transit Fare Program from income eligible households. Only applicants that meet program requirements will be approved. Click here to learn more and apply.

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