Storm Water Quality

Volunteer Opportunities FAQs

Who can adopt or organize a clean up?

Any group of people willing to commit to ongoing clean up events. All volunteers must be ≥12 years old. Volunteers <18 years old must have signed parental/guardian consent and adequate adult supervision.

Where can we adopt or clean channels?

Any approved City maintained channels(s) or street(s) that are clear of hazards. The online map shows all available channel areas and prioritized block areas.

Note: If interested in an area that is not listed on the map, please submit an inquiry for review.

What are the terms?

Adopters must commit to a two (2) year agreement to complete four (4) events. Leaders receive safety training, conduct briefings for volunteers, and assume overall responsibility of the event and those participating. The City provides all necessary safety and collection equipment and hauling of debris.

When can we start?

After submitting an application, the City will work with the adopter to determine the specific portion of the designated block/stream to be adopted. After an agreement is finalized, an event can be scheduled with two weeks prior notice.

Do we get an AAB sign?

After completing a two (2) year agreement and renewing your contract, the City will place a public awareness street sign with your group name in your designated adopted location.

Can we plan a one-time event?

Adoptions require an ongoing commitment. Channel Cleanups and Storm Drain Marking can be scheduled as one-time events.

volunteers bagging trash
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