Department of the Medical Examiner

Department of
The Medical Examiner

Ka ʻOihana o ke Kauka Kilo Kupapaʻu

You may know us as the Department that determines the cause and manner of suspicious deaths, but we actually conduct investigations on variety of deaths, including sudden and unexpected deaths and deaths in a seemingly unnatural manner. We also support programs and initiatives that may benefit you or someone you know, from drug abuse prevention to organ donor programs.

Request an Autopsy Report

Online Request:

To submit an autopsy report request online and pay with a debit/credit card, go the following:

In-person or Mail Request:

To submit an autopsy report request in person or via mail (payment via cash/check/money order – payable to “Department of the Medical Examiner”), please fill out and print:

If your presence is required for the purpose of identification of a decedent, the investigator assigned to the case will contact you to make an appointment.

If you are requesting to recover personal property belonging to a decedent it can be mailed to the primary next-of-kin or designated representative at their expense. This person may set up a FedEx or similar account and provide the information to this department for billing purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please call the on-duty investigator at 808-768-3090 and select option 2. Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Select a funeral home and make an appointment to meet with a funeral director.  You should notify the funeral director that your loved one is in the care of MED.  The funeral home will make all the necessary arrangements for the transfer of your loved one for funeral services.

State law requires further investigation into the cause and manner of death by the MED for a variety of reasons.  These reasons include but are not limited to: deaths as a result of violence, substance abuse, trauma, accidents, or suicide; when the decedent does not have a regular physician; deaths that occur in prisons; deaths that occur within twenty-four (24) hours of hospital or institutional admission; any death that appears to be suspicious or unusual in nature; and when a death is sudden and unexpected.

They will be taken to the MED facility located at 835 Iwilei Road, Honolulu, HI 96817.

MED will determine what level of examination is warranted on any given case in order to determine the cause and manner of death.  An autopsy is not mandatory on all cases, and permission from families is not required.  If you have questions or concerns, please call the MED Office at (808) 768-3090 option 2, and an investigator will be able to assist you.

 Not generally.  In any cases where photographic identification is required, you will be contacted.

No.  Our facility is not designed to handle bereaved relatives.  Arrangements for viewing can be made with the funeral home of your choice.

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