Job Type: Full-Time Temporary
Location: Honolulu, HI
Department: Board of Water Supply
Apply Before: Continuous

Board of Water Supply


Location: 630 Beretania Street

Division: Water Quality

Apply Before: Continuous

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plans, develops, coordinates, and manages department-wide environmental compliance program.
  • Exercises technically complex, multi-disciplinary expertise to determine and ensure departmental compliance with all applicable environmental health program laws, rules and regulations. 
  • Collaborates with executive staff in the preparation and adoption of new departmental rules, regulations, program plans, and budget; serves as project manager (e.g., initiating, reviewing, and completing projects; coordinating and/or directing consultants; and ensuring accuracy and timely completion) and/or oversees projects for proposed program initiatives and improvements. 
  • Manages and coordinates consultant and staff work related to field activities, site investigations, and environmental studies; and directs and oversees the preparation of necessary reports and plans to evaluate environmental health hazards and characterization and mitigation of potential sources of pollution to groundwater.
  • Assigns, organizes, reviews, and evaluates work of consultants and staff to include reading of all environmental laws, rules, and regulations pertinent to the department to determine and insure compliance with all requirements as assigned; gathering and analyzing all necessary scientific data; preparing regulatory permit applications and compliance documents. 
  • Conduct internal inspections to monitor the department’s compliance with permit provisions and requirements; training and advising BWS staff on technically difficult compliance matters; and developing and implementing training programs for BWS staff. 
  • Reviews, analyzes, make conclusions, and conveys the results of consultant work to executive leadership; and provides information and interpretations related to program activities to consultants, regulatory agencies, special interest groups, and the public.
  • Evaluates the department’s overall environmental compliance program effectiveness, changes in operations, and compliance challenges; identifies departmental facilities exhibiting possible or potential violations of environmental rules and regulations; recommends action based on technical interpretation of regulations to ensure compliance; and oversees corrective action as necessary. 
  • Respond to after-hours emergencies and work as assigned to ensure departmental compliance with all applicable environmental health program laws, rules and regulations. 

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: A combination of education and experience substantially equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with major work in city planning, sociology, business or public administration or a related field, and one year of research or analytical experience in social, economic or community development programs.

LICENSE REQUIREMENT: Valid Driver’s License, Type 3


Handle hazardous and toxic substances, noxious fumes, use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Climbing, walking, crawling, in confined spaces and varying terrain, able to carry equipment and samples of approximately 50 pounds. Assist and support the division and department’s emergency response responsibilities in the event of a civil defense disaster emergency.

In addition to providing important services to the public, employment with the City & County of Honolulu has many excellent benefits including:

  • Generous Time Off (Vacation – Employees may earn 21 days a year; Sick Leave – Employees may earn 21 days a year; Holidays – 13 holidays per year, 14 in an election year.)
  • Health Care plans offered may include medical, prescription drug, vision, dental and life insurance.
  • Retirement and Deferred Compensation plans
  • Training and Development opportunities are available through City sponsored training programs and training reimbursement policy.

At time of application, you must be a citizen, national or permanent resident alien of the United States or a non-citizen eligible under Federal law for unrestricted employment.

The City and County of Honolulu is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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