Job Type: Full-Time Temporary
Location: Honolulu, HI
Department: Board of Water Supply
Apply Before: Continuous

Board of Water Supply


Location: 630 Beretania Street

Division: Executive Support Office

Apply Before: Continuous

Duties and Responsibilities:

This position is responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling the physical security programs, emergency preparedness programs and related functions and activities for the Board of Water Supply (BWS) to ensure that all possible safeguard measures shall be taken to protect Board of Water Supply employees, property and facilities against disasters (natural & manmade), injury, theft, vandalism, deliberate destruction or contamination including threats pertaining thereto. The position has overall responsibility for the Emergency Preparedness and Security Office. The position serves as the emergency, and security subject matter expert. The position is responsible for the reduction and mitigation of hazards, injuries, accidents, as well as threats and ensures compliance with local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and standards. The position communicates with senior leadership and coordinates a comprehensive emergency response and security program for the BWS.

Directs, plans, organizes, and controls the facility security and emergency preparedness program for the BWS

  • Supervises, develops and oversees the implementation of the BWS facility security and emergency preparedness programs.
  • Develops and implements long and short-range program goals and objectives.
  • Develops and implements policies, procedures and standards relative to facility security and emergency preparedness, including the operation of a 24/7 BWS Security Center. This also includes development and implementation strategies, practices, analytics, and resource allocation methodologies to ensure the resiliency, safety and security of BWS’s workforce and facilities
  • Conducts continual assessments and evaluations to identify facility security vulnerabilities and security and/or resiliency risks for facilities based on likelihood and consequence of security incidents by conducting site surveys and analyzing security data for patterns and trends.
  • Researches and evaluates physical security systems and makes recommendations on optimum technologies based on identified vulnerabilities. Conducts pilot studies as required.
  • Consults with divisions and programs to coordinate execution of the BWS facility security plan and emergency preparedness plan and regularly briefs BWS senior management.
  • Directs the performance of BWS’s Emergency Preparedness and Security Office staff and the services performed by consultants and contractors to ensure successful implementation and completion of security projects and services.
  • Monitors and interprets changes in laws and regulations; makes recommendations to ensure that the departmental programs maintain compliance with all laws and regulations.

Develops and manages all contracts relating to emergency preparedness plan and/or continuity of operations plan updates, and facility security services and/or physical security projects

  • Defines and prioritizes projects and develops proposals and plans with cost estimates and schedules. This includes:
  • Development of technical and functional requirements as well as plans and specifications, as required. Submits complete Work Order Requests to the Field Operations Division or complete Project Requests to the Capital Projects Division, as applicable.
  • Overseeing and engaging in the procurement process (advertisement, evaluation and award).
  • Evaluation and management of all contracted work; monitors progress, evaluates and approves change requests, evaluates and approves invoices. 
  • Ensures contractor performance and implements a quality assurance and control program. Pursues corrective action under contract terms and conditions should contractors fail to provide desired levels of service. 
  • Manages contract documents and deliverables.   

Independently performs the full range of professional work required under the BWS facility security program and emergency preparedness program

  • Serves as the staff specialist and management advisor for all matters relating to facility security and emergency preparedness. 
  • Investigates, and/or oversees the investigation of, the full range (routine to complex) of security or resiliency incidents and concerns. Ensures proper documentation is maintained and submits information and reports as applicable or required. 
  • Establishes and maintains security database(s) and regularly reports pertinent data to management.
  • Orients, briefs and provides training for BWS staff and other stakeholders as necessary to ensure compliance with the BWS emergency preparedness plan and security policies/procedures. 
  • Ensures proper response to disasters (natural or manmade), security breaches, public disorders, criminal activities and other disturbances/emergencies as required to enforce the BWS security policies and procedures and emergency response plan.
  • Acts as liaison with the Honolulu Police Department and other government agencies as required. Participates in pre-trial conferences and presents evidence in court . Works closely with the Honolulu Police Department to maximize resources to achieve BWS’s security objectives.

Miscellaneous Administrative Responsibilities

  • Develops and administers the operating and capital budgets for BWS Emergency Preparedness and Security Office; determines organizational staff requirements.
  • Participates in various internal management committees as they relate to Security and Emergency Response. Represents the agency in external committees involved in security and other emergency management activities. 
  • Responsible for reviewing and editing written material intended for internal or external audiences, including Board or Council agenda items and related background material, to ensure such materials are thoroughly analyzed, well written, and comprehensive. 
  • Responsible for presenting emergency preparedness, and security information to key stakeholders including elected officials. May represent the BWS at various public meetings or provide testimony to various legislative bodies in matters relating to BWS emergency preparedness and facility security.


Performs other related duties as assigned.

  • Responsible for coordinating and executing the annual review, evaluation and required updates to the BWS Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). 
  • Serves as a Disaster Response Worker which requires night, weekend and overtime work during emergencies and/or incidents.



  • Valid Driver’s License (TYPE 3)
  • Federal Aviation Administration – Remote Pilot Certificate, under FAA Small UAS Rule (Part 107) 


  • Must be able to handle highly confidential information.
  • Incumbent of this position is designated as a Disaster Response Worker whose responsibilities may require night and weekend work during natural disasters, and other emergencies.
  • Evening, weekend and holiday work will be required as necessary to conduct inspections, investigations, and training. 
  • Required to respond to incidents during off-work time when BWS representation is required. 
  • Responds to incidents and conducts investigations or inspections requiring hiking in mountainous areas and/or walking over rough and uneven terrain in adverse weather conditions.

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: A combination of education and experience substantially equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with major work in city planning, sociology, business or public administration or a related field, and one year of research or analytical experience in social, economic or community development programs.

In addition to providing important services to the public, employment with the City & County of Honolulu has many excellent benefits including:

  • Generous Time Off (Vacation – Employees may earn 21 days a year; Sick Leave – Employees may earn 21 days a year; Holidays – 13 holidays per year, 14 in an election year.)
  • Health Care plans offered may include medical, prescription drug, vision, dental and life insurance.
  • Retirement and Deferred Compensation plans
  • Training and Development opportunities are available through City sponsored training programs and training reimbursement policy.

At time of application, you must be a citizen, national or permanent resident alien of the United States or a non-citizen eligible under Federal law for unrestricted employment.

The City and County of Honolulu is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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